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Seismic Engineering

Development, design and validation, in co-operation with the industry, of devices, systems and innovative anti-seismic technologies (like seismic isolation and energy dissipation) and their application to strategic buildings, bridges and industrial plants (chemical and nuclear), new or existing, also belonging to the cultural heritage.


Seismic monitoring, through forced excitation or natural vibrations (wind, traffic, environmental noise), aimed at the dynamic characterization of structures and the evaluation of their vulnerability rate.

Structural analysis

Evaluation of the health status of structures and the seismic vulnerability of industrial and civil buildings and the cultural heritage.

Design and development of methods for the protection of structures from natural and anthropic (ambient vibration) risk and induced seismicity.

Assessment of resilience of built environments also by means of on-site experimental campaigns with digital support of building inventories, remote sensing, geo-referenced database, 3D modeling and non-destructive diagnostic.

Laboratorio Virtuale per la Qualifica a Vibrazioni e Sismica

L’esperienza di oltre 40 anni, nel campo della sismologia applicata all’ingegneria e dell’ingegneria sismica, maturata nell’ambito del siting e della sicurezza strutturale degli impianti nucleari, è ad oggi applicata anche nel settore dei beni culturali con esperienze nel campo della protezione sismica di statue e strutture storico monumentali.