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Scanning electron microscopy

The SSPT-MET-DISPREV Scanning Electron Microscopy laboratory is equipped with a Quanta Inspect S FEI SEM, coupled to an Oxford Instruments Xplore microanalysis. This equipment is characterized by a particularly innovative technology and constitutes an extremely advanced system.

It is possible to perform direct morphological analysis of samples up to 5 -10 cm in diameter in a non-destructive and non-invasive way, with a maximum resolution of 3 nanometers, without any preparation and metallization treatment.

The recent updating with a new microanalysis model, which does not require liquid nitrogen for operation, allows the semi-quantitative recognition of the elements present on the sample, the creation of maps and profiles of their distribution and, thanks to the great sensitivity, also the detection of light chemical elements.

The multiple fields of application of Scanning Electron Microscopy give to the SSPT-MET-DIPSREV laboratory a central role in many research and industrial sectors, at a regional and international level