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Air quality modelling to support policies on atmospheric pollution

Meteorological and air quality simulations on European, Italian, local spatial domain and model validation by measured data. Integrated modelling chain to support policies.

MINNI: integrated assessment model for air quality in Italy

MINNI (National Integrated Model to support International Negotiation on Air Pollution issues) was developed on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (formerly the Ministry of Ecological Transition).
MINNI is a set of models and pre/post processors to select and evaluate the effectiveness of air quality policies at national and regional level, consisting of two main modelling systems: the Atmospheric Modelling System (SMA) and GAINS – Italy.

Air quality models

Development of integrated modelling chains on applied meteorology, transport and chemical transformation of pollutants in the lower atmosphere; anthropogenic and natural emissions input analysis. Model simulations at local, national and European scale with different spatial resolutions and validation on measured datasets. Participation to international intercomparison exercises.

FORAIR - IT: Air quality forecast system for Italy

FORAIR - IT is a project of the Atmospheric Pollution Laboratory, developed with Arianet s.r.l., for forecasting short-term (3 days) atmospheric pollution over Italy.

Every day, FORAIR - IT produces air quality forecasts for the entire Italian territory, at 4 km of horizontal spatial resolution, for each hour of the next 3 days. In this way, it is possible to know in advance atmospheric concentrations of pollutants damaging human health (fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ozone).