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Validation of the Raman lidar algorithm for quantifying aerosol extinction

TitoloValidation of the Raman lidar algorithm for quantifying aerosol extinction
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2006
AutoriRusso, Felicita, Whiteman D.N., Demoz B., and Hoff R.M.
RivistaApplied Optics
Parole chiaveAerosols, Algorithms, Chi-squared technique, Computer simulation, Molecular Raman signals, Optical radar, Raman lidar data, Raman scattering, Uncertain systems

To calculate aerosol extinction from Raman lidar data, it is necessary to evaluate the derivative of a molecular Raman signal with respect to range. The typical approach taken in the lidar community is to make an a priori assumption about the functional behavior of the data to calculate the derivative. It has previously been shown that the use of the chi-squared technique to determine the most likely functional behavior of the data prior to actually calculating the derivative eliminates the need for making a priori assumptions. Here that technique is validated through numerical simulation and by application to a significant body of Raman lidar measurements. In general, we show that the chisquared approach for evaluating extinction yields lower extinction uncertainty than traditional techniques. We also use the technique to study the feasibility of developing a general characterization of the extinction uncertainty that could permit the uncertainty in Raman lidar aerosol extinction measurements to be estimated accurately without the need of the chi-squared technique. © 2006 Optical Society of America.


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Citation KeyRusso20067073