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ENEA activities on seismic isolation of nuclear and non-nuclear structures

TitoloENEA activities on seismic isolation of nuclear and non-nuclear structures
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione1991
AutoriMartelli, A., Masoni Paolo, Forni Massimo, Indirli Maurizio, Spadoni B., Pasquale G.d., Lucarelli V., Sano T., Bonacina G., and Castoldi A.
RivistaNuclear Engineering and Design

Work on seismic isolation of nuclear and non-nuclear structures was started by ENEA in cooperation with ISMES in 1988. The first activity consisted of a proposal for guidelines for seismically isolated nuclear plants using high-damping, steel-laminated elastomer bearings. This is being performed in the framework of an agreement with General Electric Company. Furthermore, research and development (R&D) work has been defined and recently initiated to support development of the seismic isolation guidelines as well as that of qualification procedures for seismic isolation systems in general. The present R&D work includes static and dynamic experiments on single bearings, shake table tests with multi-axial simultaneous excitations on reduced-scale mockups of isolated structures supported by multiple bearings, and dynamic tests on large-scale isolated structures with on-site test techniques. It also includes the development and validation of finite-element nonlinear models of the single bearings, as well as those of simplified design tools for the analysis of the isolated structures' dynamic behavior. Extension of this work is foreseen in a wider national frame. © 1991.


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