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Daily oceanographic analyses by Mediterranean Forecasting System at the basin scale

TitoloDaily oceanographic analyses by Mediterranean Forecasting System at the basin scale
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2007
AutoriDobricic, S., Pinardi N., Adani Mario, Tonani M., Fratianni C., Bonazzi A., and Fernandez V.
RivistaOcean Science
Parole chiaveanalytical method, basin analysis, covariance analysis, forecasting method, geostrophic flow, interpolation, numerical method, Oceanography, profiler, Salinity, temporal variation

This study presents the upgrade of the Optimal Interpolation scheme used in the basin scale assimilation scheme of the Mediterranean Forecasting System. The modifications include a daily analysis cycle, the assimilation of ARGO float profiles, the implementation of the geostrophic balance in the background error covariance matrix and the initialisation of the analyses. A series of numerical experiments showed that each modification had a positive impact on the accuracy of the analyses: The daily cycle improved the representation of the processes with the temporal variability shorter than a week, the assimilation of ARGO floats profiles significantly improved the salinity analyses quality, the geostrophically balanced background error covariances improved the accuracy of the surface elevation analyses, and the initialisation removed the barotropic adjustment in the forecast first time steps starting from the analysis.


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Citation KeyDobricic2007149