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First outcomes of the fairmode & aquila intercomparison exercise on spatial representativeness, Kracht, O., Santiago J.L., Martin F., Piersanti Antonio, Cremona Giuseppe, Righini Gaia, Vitali Lina, Delaney K., Basu B., Ghosh B., et al. , HARMO 2017 - 18th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, Proceedings, Volume 2017-October, p.355-359, (2017)
Micro-scale dispersion modelling with background correction to simulate air quality in Milan, Vitali, Lina, Piersanti Antonio, Ciancarella Luisella, Adani Mario, and Russo Felicita , COMITATO NAZIONALE PER LA RICERCA E PER LO SVILUPPO DELL'ENERGIA NUCLEARE E DELLE ENERGIE ALTERNATIVE. ENEA-RT/DISP, (2017)
M-TraCE: a new tool for high-resolution computation and statistical elaboration of backward trajectories on the Italian domain, Vitali, Lina, Righini Gaia, Piersanti Antonio, Cremona Giuseppe, Pace Giandomenico, and Ciancarella Luisella , Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Jan-12-2017, Volume 129, Issue 6, Number 6, p.1-15, (2017)