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Clima e aria, uno studio sulla mortalità prematura, Michetti, Melania, and Piersanti Antonio , Ecoscienza, Volume 5/6, p.23-25, (2022)
Climate change and air pollution impact on present and future mortality in Rome and Milan , Michetti, Melania, Gualtieri Maurizio, Anav A., Adani Mario, Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri Claudia, D'Elia Ilaria, Piersanti Antonio, Sannino Gianmaria, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Med-Clivar Conference, Marrakech - Morocco, (2022)
Climate change and air pollution: Translating their interplay into present and future mortality risk for Rome and Milan municipalities, Michetti, Melania, Gualtieri Maurizio, Anav A., Adani Mario, Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri Claudia, D'Elia Ilaria, Piersanti Antonio, Sannino Gianmaria, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Science of The Total Environment, 07-2022, Volume 830, p.154680, (2022)
Emission Factors of CO2 and Airborne Pollutants and Toxicological Potency of Biofuels for Airplane Transport: A Preliminary Assessment, Gualtieri, Maurizio, Berico M., Grollino Maria Giuseppa, Cremona Giuseppe, La Torretta Teresa M. G., Malaguti Antonella, Petralia Ettore, Stracquadanio Milena, Santoro Massimo, Benassi Barbara, et al. , Toxics, Volume 10, Number 10, (2022)
Evaluation of air quality forecasting system FORAIR-IT over Europe and Italy at high resolution for year 2017, Adani, Mario, D'Isidoro Massimo, Mircea Mihaela, Guarnieri G., Vitali Lina, D'Elia Ilaria, Ciancarella Luisella, Gualtieri Maurizio, Briganti Gino, Cappelletti Andrea, et al. , Atmospheric Pollution Research, Volume 13, Number 6, (2022)
From single to multivariable exposure models to translate climatic and air pollution effects into mortality risk. A customized application to the city of Rome, Italy, Michetti, Melania, Adani Mario, Anav A., Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri Claudia, D'Elia Ilaria, Gualtieri Maurizio, Piersanti Antonio, Sannino Gianmaria, Uccelli Raffaella, et al. , MethodsX, Volume 9, p.101717, (2022)
Lessons learnt for air pollution mitigation policies from the COVID-19 pandemic: The Italian perspective., D'Isidoro, Massimo, D'Elia Ilaria, Vitali Lina, Cappelletti Andrea, Piersanti Antonio, Finardi Sandro, Calori Giuseppe, Pepe Nicola, Di Giosa Alessandro, Bolignano Andrea, et al. , Atmospheric Pollution Research, Jan-12-2022, Volume 13, Number 12, p.101620, (2022)
QUALITY CONTROL INDICATORS FOR THE VALIDATION OF AIR QUALITY FORECAST APPLICATIONS IN THE FRAMEWORK OF FAIRMODE ACTIVITIES, Piersanti, Antonio, Cuvelier C., Janssen S., Monteiro A., Durka P., Thunis P., and Vitali Lina , 21st International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, HARMO 2022, (2022)
Urban Vegetation Effects on Meteorology and Air Quality: A Comparison of Three European Cities, Mircea, Mihaela, Borge R., Finardi S., Fares S., Briganti Gino, D'Isidoro Massimo, Cremona Giuseppe, Russo Felicita, Cappelletti Andrea, D'Elia Ilaria, et al. , Springer Proceedings in Complexity, p.13-19, (2022)
Visibility at Italian natural parks: preliminary data from the first-ever pilot project by ENEA and CUFAA, Petralia, Ettore, La Torretta Teresa M. G., Stracquadanio Milena, Malaguti Antonella, Cremona Giuseppe, Papitto Giancarlo, Cocciufa Cristiana, Gualtieri Maurizio, and Piersanti Antonio , 6th International Congress on Biodiversity - TRAPANI (Italy), 2-3 September 2022 , (2022)
COMPUTATIONAL TESTS TO IMPROVE THE SPATIAL RESOLUTION OF THE ATMOSPHERIC TRANSFER MATRICES IN THE INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT MODEL MINNI, Briganti, Gino, Cappelletti Andrea, Piersanti Antonio, Ciancarella L., D'Isidoro Massimo, Adani Mario, Guarnieri G., Chinnici M., and D'Elia Ilaria , 20th conference on "Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes" , (2021)
Evaluating the Impact of a Wall-Type Green Infrastructure on PM10 and NOx Concentrations in an Urban Street Environment, Villani, Maria Gabriella, Russo Felicita, Adani Mario, Piersanti Antonio, Vitali Lina, Tinarelli Gianni, Ciancarella L., Zanini Gabriele, Donateo Antonio, Rinaldi Matteo, et al. , Atmosphere, 06/2021 , Volume 12(7), Number 7, (2021)
An Integrated Modelling System to evaluate health and environmental impacts from air pollution in Italy, D'Elia, Ilaria, Piersanti Antonio, Gualtieri Maurizio, Zanini Gabriele, Peschi E., Kiesewetter G., and Sander R. , 2021 EU Conference on modelling for policy support: collaborating across disciplines to tackle key policy challenges, 11/2021, (2021)
The Italian National Air Pollution Control Programme: Air Quality, Health Impact and Cost Assessment, Piersanti, Antonio, D'Elia Ilaria, Gualtieri Maurizio, Briganti Gino, Cappelletti Andrea, Zanini Gabriele, and Ciancarella Luisella , Atmosphere, 02/2021, Volume 12, Issue 2, Number 2, (2021)
Measured and modelled air quality trends in Italy over the period 2003-2010, D'Elia, Ilaria, Briganti Gino, Vitali Lina, Piersanti Antonio, Righini Gaia, D'Isidoro Massimo, Cappelletti Andrea, Mircea Mihaela, Adani Mario, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Jan-01-2021, Volume 21, Issue 13, Number 13, p.10825 - 10849, (2021)
A Study of Traffic Emissions Based on Floating Car Data for Urban Scale Air Quality Applications, Russo, Felicita, Villani Maria Gabriella, D'Elia Ilaria, D'Isidoro Massimo, Liberto Carlo, Piersanti Antonio, Tinarelli Gianni, Valenti Gaetano, and Ciancarella Luisella , Atmosphere, Jan-08-2021, Volume 12, Issue 8, Number 8, p.1064, (2021)