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Regional sea level change

In the framework of many national and international projects (Vector, RITMARE, Interreg, Cost.) the laboratory has conducted several field campaigns to assess the sea level change (past, present, and future) for the Mediterranean coasts. For some Italian coastal areas at risk to be flooded in 2100 the laboratory has produced high-definition maps. These maps have been produced considering, in addition to the sea level rise projection, also geomorphological, archaeological, and instrumental indicators. The laboratory has also investigated the future sea level change for the Mediterranean basin due to the change in the marine circulation and the steric effect.

The laboratory coordinates the research Collaborative Programme on “Sea level Climate Change” promoted by the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA). The Collaborative Programme on Sea level and climate change focuses on the regional aspects of sea level change, which is a challenging theme for European research and coastal management. The programme aims to facilitate integration of several activities developed concerning the Atlantic and Baltic European coasts and the Mediterranean area. The goal is the development of an integrated view of regional aspects of sea level change in Europe, in terms of observations, technological development, modelling improvements, as well as cross-disciplinary communication between sea level scientists, coastal engineers, coastal managers and stakeholders.