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Atmospheric and Ocean modelling for impact studies

The CLIM lab has a long-term experience in the application of regional atmospheric models for both the European and African regions, and of ocean circulation models for the Mediterranean Sea. The main objectives are the production of high resolution climate data for climate impact studies (hydrology, ecosystem modelling, energy production, agro-ecological systems) and the production of high resolution climate projections.

The laboratory coordinates, in collaboration with the main European climate research centres, the international climate initiative Med-CORDEX. The initiative has been proposed by the Mediterranean climate research community as a follow-up of previous and existing initiatives. Med-CORDEX takes advantage of new very high-resolution Regional Climate Models (RCM, up to 10 km) and of new fully coupled Regional Climate System Models (RCSMs), coupling the various components of the regional climate. The climate simulations are freely downloadable from a dedicated database managed by our laboratory.