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National Italian integrated atmospheric model on air pollution: Sensitivity to emission inventory, Ciancarella, Luisella, Briganti Gino, Calori G., Cappelletti Andrea, Cionni Irene, Costa M., Cremona Giuseppe, D'Elia Ilaria, D'Isidoro Massimo, Finardi S., et al. , HARMO 2011 - Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, p.277-281, (2011)
Scenarios downscaling: Qualitative comparison between RAINS-Europe and RAINS-Italy, Pignatelli, T., Bencardino M., Ciancarella Luisella, D'Elia Ilaria, Racalbuto S., Vialetto G., Calori G., and Contaldi M. , 18th World IMACS Congress and MODSIM09 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation: Interfacing Modelling and Simulation with Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Proceedings, p.2321-2327, (2009)
Technical and Non-Technical Measures for air pollution emission reduction: The integrated assessment of the regional Air Quality Management Plans through the Italian national model, D'Elia, Ilaria, Bencardino M., Ciancarella Luisella, Contaldi M., and Vialetto G. , Atmospheric Environment, Volume 43, Number 39, p.6182-6189, (2009)
Assessmement of ozone impact on human health in Italy, through the integrated assessment modelling system minni, Pignatelli, T., Monforti F., Zanini Gabriele, D'Elia Ilaria, and Vialetto G. , Proc. 14th International Union of Air Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Associations (IUAPPA) World Congress 2007, 18th Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) Conf., (2007)
Impact assessment on environment from transboundary air pollution in Italy carried out by a multi-pollutant integrated assessment model, Pignatelli, T., Brusasca G., Calori G., Contaldi M., D'Elia Ilaria, Monforti F., Finardi S., Radice P., Silibello C., Vialetto G., et al. , MODSIM07 - Land, Water and Environmental Management: Integrated Systems for Sustainability, Proceedings, p.2076-2082, (2007)