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Climate-driven vulnerability and risk perception: implications for climate change adaptation in rural Mexico, Michetti, Melania, and Ghinoi S. , Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, apr, Volume 10, Number 3, p.290-302, (2020)
Egypt's Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surge: Present and Future Conditions, Torresan, S., Furlan E., Critto A., Michetti Melania, and Marcomini A. , Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, Volume 16, Number 5, p.761-772, (2020)
Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector in Europe; EEA Report: 4/2019, Jacobs, C, Berglund M, Kurnik B, Dworak T, Marras S, Mereu V, and Michetti Melania , European Environment Agency (EEA): Luxembourg, (2019)
Developing protocol-based storylines of future European agriculture to inform integrated assessments (Eur-Agri-SSPs), Mitter, Hermine, Techen Anja K., Sinabell Franz, Helming Katharina, Kok K, Michetti Melania, Priess Jörg A., Bodirsky B, Holman I, Lehtonen H, et al. , 4th Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Programme: https://glp. earth/osm-2019, 2019, (2019)
Evaluating risks related to climate change and land use scenarios in the Italian coast: an integrated index supporting climate change adaptation., Critto, Andrea, Torresan Silvia, Furlan Elisa, Pozza Petra dalla, Michetti Melania, and Marcomini Antonio , Geophysical Research Abstracts, Volume 21, (2019)
Forest Fires Across Italian Regions and Implications for Climate Change: A Panel Data Analysis, Michetti, Melania, and Pinar M. , Environmental and Resource Economics, Volume 72, Number 1, p.207-246, (2019)
An innovative, participatory method for stakeholder engagement for sea level rise mitigation: experiences from the SAVEMEDCOASTS Project., Trivigno, Maria Lucia, Loizidou Xenia, Orthodoxou Demetra, Petsa Demetra, Forlenza Giovanna, Anzidei Marco, Console Rodolfo, Greco Michele, Falciano Antonio, Michetti Melania, et al. , Geophysical Research Abstracts, Volume 21, (2019)
Interpreting farmers' perceptions of risks and benefits concerning waste water reuse for irrigation: A case study in Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Michetti, Melania, Raggi M., Guerra E., and Viaggi D. , Water (Switzerland), Volume 11, Number 1, (2019)
A network approach for moving from planning to implementation in climate change adaptation: Evidence from southern Mexico, Calliari, E., Michetti Melania, Farnia L., and Ramieri E. , Environmental Science and Policy, Volume 93, p.146-157, (2019)
A protocol to develop Shared Socio-economic Pathways for European agriculture, Mitter, H., Techen A.-K., Sinabell F., Helming K., Kok K., Priess J.A., Schmid E., Michetti Melania, Bodirsky B.L., Holman I., et al. , Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 252, p.109701, (2019)
Egypt's coastal vulnerability to sea level rise and storm surge, Torresan, S., Furlan E., Critto A., Michetti Melania, and Marcomini A. , 13th International MEDCOAST Congress on Coastal and Marine Sciences, Engineering, Management and Conservation, MEDCOAST 2017, Volume 2, p.675-686, (2017)
The SAVEMEDCOASTS Project, Anzidei, Marco, Patias Petros, Forlenza Giovanna, Trivigno Maria Lucia, Michetti Melania, Torresan Silvia, Loizidou Xenia, Petousis Thanos, Doumaz Fawzi, Lorito Stefano, et al. , EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, p.18279, (2017)
Shedding light on deadly flames: what drives fires in Italian forests, Michetti, Melania, and Pinar Mehmet , First International Workshop on The Economics of Climate Change and Sustainability, (2017)
Weather-and climate-related natural hazards in Europe, Kurnik, Blaz, van der Linden P, Mysiak J, Michetti Melania, Swart RJ, Füssel HM, Christiansen Trine, Cavicchia Leone, Gualdi S, Mercogliano Paola, et al. , Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in Europe, 2017, Number 15/2017, p.46–91, (2017)