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Climate change and air pollution impact on present and future mortality in Rome and Milan , Michetti, Melania, Gualtieri Maurizio, Anav A., Adani Mario, Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri Claudia, D'Elia Ilaria, Piersanti Antonio, Sannino Gianmaria, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Med-Clivar Conference, Marrakech - Morocco, (2022)
Climate change and air pollution: Translating their interplay into present and future mortality risk for Rome and Milan municipalities, Michetti, Melania, Gualtieri Maurizio, Anav A., Adani Mario, Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri Claudia, D'Elia Ilaria, Piersanti Antonio, Sannino Gianmaria, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Science of The Total Environment, 07-2022, Volume 830, p.154680, (2022)
Differential impact of government lockdown policies on reducing air pollution levels and related mortality in Europe, Schneider, R., Masselot P., Vicedo-Cabrera A.M., Sera F., Blangiardo M., Forlani C., Douros J., Jorba O., Adani Mario, Kouznetsov R., et al. , Scientific Reports, Volume 12, Number 1, p.726, (2022)
Eurodelta multi-model simulated and observed particulate matter trends in Europe in the period of 1990–2010, Tsyro, Svetlana, Aas Wenche, Colette Augustin, Andersson Camilla, Bessagnet Bertrand, Ciarelli Giancarlo, Couvidat Florian, Cuvelier Kees, Manders Astrid, Mar Kathleen, et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Jan-01-2022, Volume 22, Issue 11, p.7207 - 7257, (2022)
EURODELTA-CARB EXERCISE: INTERCOMPARISON OF MODELLED ESTIMATES OF BENZO(A)PYRENE (BAP) IN EUROPE, Gusev, A., Vivanco M.G., Theobald M.R., Garrido J.L., Gil V., Couvidat F., Collette A., Mircea Mihaela, Adani Mario, D'Elia Ilaria, et al. , 21st International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes, HARMO 2022, (2022)
Evaluation of air quality forecasting system FORAIR-IT over Europe and Italy at high resolution for year 2017, Adani, Mario, D'Isidoro Massimo, Mircea Mihaela, Guarnieri G., Vitali Lina, D'Elia Ilaria, Ciancarella Luisella, Gualtieri Maurizio, Briganti Gino, Cappelletti Andrea, et al. , Atmospheric Pollution Research, Volume 13, Number 6, (2022)
From single to multivariable exposure models to translate climatic and air pollution effects into mortality risk. A customized application to the city of Rome, Italy, Michetti, Melania, Adani Mario, Anav A., Benassi Barbara, Dalmastri Claudia, D'Elia Ilaria, Gualtieri Maurizio, Piersanti Antonio, Sannino Gianmaria, Uccelli Raffaella, et al. , MethodsX, Volume 9, p.101717, (2022)
Urban Vegetation Effects on Meteorology and Air Quality: A Comparison of Three European Cities, Mircea, Mihaela, Borge R., Finardi S., Fares S., Briganti Gino, D'Isidoro Massimo, Cremona Giuseppe, Russo Felicita, Cappelletti Andrea, D'Elia Ilaria, et al. , Springer Proceedings in Complexity, p.13-19, (2022)
Carbonate chemistry and temperature dynamics in an alga dominated habitat, Ragazzola, F., Kolzenburg R., Adani Mario, Bordone A., Cantoni C., Cerrati G., Ciuffardi Tiziana, Cocito Silvia, Luchetta A., Montagna P., et al. , Regional Studies in Marine Science, Volume 44, (2021)
COMPUTATIONAL TESTS TO IMPROVE THE SPATIAL RESOLUTION OF THE ATMOSPHERIC TRANSFER MATRICES IN THE INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT MODEL MINNI, Briganti, Gino, Cappelletti Andrea, Piersanti Antonio, Ciancarella L., D'Isidoro Massimo, Adani Mario, Guarnieri G., Chinnici M., and D'Elia Ilaria , 20th conference on "Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes" , (2021)
Estimating lockdown-induced European NO2changes using satellite and surface observations and air quality models, Barré, J., Petetin H., Colette A., Guevara M., Peuch V.-H., Rouïl L., Engelen R., Inness A., Flemming J., C. García-Pando Pérez, et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Volume 21, Number 9, p.7373-7394, (2021)
Evaluating the Impact of a Wall-Type Green Infrastructure on PM10 and NOx Concentrations in an Urban Street Environment, Villani, Maria Gabriella, Russo Felicita, Adani Mario, Piersanti Antonio, Vitali Lina, Tinarelli Gianni, Ciancarella L., Zanini Gabriele, Donateo Antonio, Rinaldi Matteo, et al. , Atmosphere, 06/2021 , Volume 12(7), Number 7, (2021)
An intertidal life: Combined effects of acidification and winter heatwaves on a coralline alga (Ellisolandia elongata) and its associated invertebrate community, Ragazzola, F., Marchini A., Adani Mario, Bordone A., Castelli A., Cerrati G., Kolzenburg R., Langeneck J., di Marzo C., Nannini M., et al. , Marine Environmental Research, Volume 169, (2021)
Measured and modelled air quality trends in Italy over the period 2003-2010, D'Elia, Ilaria, Briganti Gino, Vitali Lina, Piersanti Antonio, Righini Gaia, D'Isidoro Massimo, Cappelletti Andrea, Mircea Mihaela, Adani Mario, Zanini Gabriele, et al. , Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Jan-01-2021, Volume 21, Issue 13, Number 13, p.10825 - 10849, (2021)