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Project Numerical Weather Prediction System in Eswatini

Numerical Weather Prediction System in Eswatini

Numerical Weather Prediction System in Eswatini
Funding type: 
Other international Programmes
Contract agreement with UNDP
10 January 2022 to 9 January 2023
ENEA role: 
Reference laboratory: 
ENEA Project Leader: 
Gaia Righini
Massimo D'IsidoroLina Vitali
Other ENEA Personnel: 
Guido Guarnieri

The project aims to enhance the Eswatini Department of Meteorology forecast capabilities by establishing a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) system at local premises, using a state of the art mesoscale model at high horizontal resolution.  The Weather Research and Forecasting System (WRF) model will be implemented to accomplish this task, running up to 1km horizontal resolution in a two-way nesting mode configuration.

The NWP system will be initially implemented and installed on ENEA machines, making all the necessary functionality and optimization tests. Once the product reaches a stable and reliable structure, the appropriate configuration of the Eswatini HPC facility will be carried out to operate the portability of the NWP System on the local infrastructure and to lead it to pre-operational status. Moreover, the  Eswatini Department of Meteorology technicians will be trained on the use and maintenance of the system.