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Ambient vibration analysis of the aureliana column

TitleAmbient vibration analysis of the aureliana column
Publication TypePresentazione a Congresso
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBongiovanni, Giovanni, Buffarini Giacomo, Clemente Paolo, and Saitta F.
Conference NameNCEE 2014 - 10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering: Frontiers of Earthquake Engineering
PublisherEarthquake Engineering Research Institute
KeywordsAmbient vibrations, Dynamic behaviors, Earthquakes, Engineering geology, Frequency domain analysis, Health status, Interesting information, Measurement points, Rotational frequency, Time and frequency domains, Vibration analysis

With the objective of characterizing the dynamic behavior of the Aureliana Column in Rome and evaluating its health status, an ambient vibration survey of the monument was carried out by using nine Kinemetrics seismometers SS-1 connected to one Kinemetrics K2 recorder. Data were analyzed both in time and frequency domain. The analysis showed that the motion was governed by two quite close translational frequencies, equal to 1.24 and 1.3 Hz respectively, and also by a third translational frequency, equal to 6.5 Hz. A rotational frequency, equal to 9.0 Hz was also observed. The analysis of the curves described by the measurement point at the top of the tower gave interesting information about the characteristics of the column vibrations, which does not behave as a whole.

Citation KeyBongiovanni2014