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Assessing the potential benefits of the geostationary vantage point for generating daily chlorophyll-a Maps in the Baltic Sea, Bellacicco, M., Ciani D., Doxaran D., Vellucci V., Antoine D., Wang M., D'Ortenzio F., and Marullo S. , Remote Sensing, Volume 10, Number 12, (2018)
Global Distribution of Non-algal Particles From Ocean Color Data and Implications for Phytoplankton Biomass Detection, Bellacicco, M., Volpe G., Briggs N., Brando V., Pitarch J., Landolfi A., Colella S., Marullo S., and Santoleri R. , Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 45, Number 15, p.7672-7682, (2018)
Linking mixing processes and climate variability to the heat content distribution of the Eastern Mediterranean abyss, Artale, V., Falcini F., Marullo S., Bensi M., Kokoszka F., Iudicone D., and Rubino A. , Scientific Reports, Volume 8, Number 1, (2018)
Marine and Terrestrial Organic Ice-Nucleating Particles in Pristine Marine to Continentally Influenced Northeast Atlantic Air Masses, McCluskey, C.S., Ovadnevaite J., Rinaldi M., Atkinson J., Belosi F., Ceburnis D., Marullo S., Hill T.C.J., Lohmann U., Kanji Z.A., et al. , Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, Volume 123, Number 11, p.6196-6212, (2018)
Remote sensing of the coastal zone of the European seas, Marullo, S., Patsaeva S., and Fiorani L. , International Journal of Remote Sensing, Volume 39, Number 24, p.9313-9316, (2018)
Summertime Primary and Secondary Contributions to Southern Ocean Cloud Condensation Nuclei, Fossum, K.N., Ovadnevaite J., Ceburnis D., Dall’Osto M., Marullo S., Bellacicco M., Simó R., Liu D., Flynn M., Zuend A., et al. , Scientific Reports, Volume 8, Number 1, (2018)